Here’s What’s Coming Up in Sunday School


Our Confirmation class is a special invitation for individuals in 7th and 8th grade to respond to the amazing grace of God, as experienced through baptism, and make a commitment to live as people of faith. During this transformative journey, participants will have the chance to deepen their understanding of their faith and reaffirm their commitment to living a life rooted in Christ. Confirmation and reaffirmation are moments of rededication, a chance to say “Yes” to what God offers to our youth. But that’s not all! Our church also plans exciting trips for our confirmands, including a thrilling day at an amusement park, a snow tubing adventure, and a historical Methodist site tour. And who can forget the unforgettable retreat experience that awaits us or the all-out celebration at the end of our journey? Join us on this incredible journey, led by the Rev. HiRho, at Together, let’s grow in faith and create everlasting memories!

Children’s Sunday School

Join us for our Children’s Sunday School every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.! Your child’s Sunday mornings will be filled with fun and learning. Each week, a different Bible story will be taught in exciting and innovative ways using artwork and engaging activities. We have two classes available: one for children in grades K to 2, and another for children in grades 3 to 6. Younger children are warmly welcomed in our nursery during this hour. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience for your little ones. For more information, contact Dennis at See you there!

Faithful Families Fellowship

BUMC’s Faithful Families is an adult fellowship group where participants can fellowship and discuss topics related to families and caregiving. Formerly known as Faith-Filled Parenting, this group provides a community where adults can support and be candid with each other about family life. Come join us on Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 10:45 a.m. and participate in the day’s discussion, which anyone can sign up to lead. For instance, we might have an invited speaker, such as Rev. HiRho or have a topic we discuss, such as anxiety or caregiving of our parents. If there is no leader, we invite everyone to share their recent highs and lows with one another. Regular and infrequent participants are all welcome. Whatever your story or situation, you are invited to take part in this community to share and receive encouragement in your faith journey. For more information, please contact Sue Owen (, Lance Leverenz (, or Albert Sim (


Join PTR for a new series titled “The First Christians” taught by Michael Manson. This series looks at the world, writings, beliefs, and practices of Christian communities in our first two centuries. The first history describing Christian communities was The Acts of the Apostles, but there are other histories and other books both within the New Testament and outside it. Christians produced around twenty gospels. We’ll examine some of those gospels and the processes by which emerging churches accepted some and rejected others. Each gospel addressed a different Christian community with different concerns. We’ll also study other Christian literature of the first two centuries—among them, the Didache, the Odes of Solomon, and the Acts of Paul and Thecla, works that inspire as well as illuminate. Don will follow it up with a short series titled “The First Anti-Christians.”


Join us on Sunday mornings as we venture beyond the traditional boundaries of Sunday school! We will dive deeper into how our faith influences and shapes the way we interact with the world around us. We will examine current news stories from diverse publications, look at the teachings of the Bible, and explore the United Methodist Church’s stance on important issues. By doing so, we hope to broaden our understanding of how our faith informs our thinking. Each week, we will focus on a different topic, allowing us to delve into a variety of subjects that impact our lives and our society. From social justice to environmental stewardship, this class aims to spark meaningful conversations that inspire positive change. To find out more, simply email We look forward to embarking on this enlightening journey together!

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