Leaders are vitally important to the life of the church. They give direction, help us to stay faithful to our mission, engage other people in ministry, and practically speaking, they get things done. Leaders serve on committees, participate in worship and teach classes and small groups. At BUMC we want to raise up Servant-Leaders who understand that ministry is about giving themselves away and putting others first. And we are blessed with a team of faithful leaders who do just that! If you are interested in serving in church leadership, please contact Rev. HiRho (hrpark@washmorefeet.org) so that we can learn more about your gifts and interests.

The BUMC Church Council is our governing body that sets priorities, develops ministries, and helps us to live faithfully into our mission. It is made up of ministry team leaders, committee chairs, and church officers. The meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month from September – June. Council Meetings take place in October, November, January, March, and May. The in-between months include Bible study, articles and “big picture” conversations to help keep our ministries grounded and growing from our faith. All Church Council meeting are open to the church.