Mid-week Meditation – Jan 20, 2020: “The Truth Is”

Thank you for joining us for our Mid-week Meditation for January 20th, 2021, led by Rev. Scott Bostic, and featuring Alison Chacon, the Communication’s Director of Bethesda United Methodist Chruch.

Below are the words of the poem that Alison shares during this week’s Mid-week Meditation.

“The Truth Is” – by Alison Chacon

We used to be simply “Americans.”
We the People.
Now we sling ugly labels at each other—
Libtard, Snowflake, Basement Dweller.
The list is cruel and endless.
Verbal weapons that splinter and divide us.
Never stopping to find out who the other really is.

We used to wave our flag in pride—
A sign of unity, freedom, democracy
A beacon of hope for the world.
Now the flags that flutter in the breeze
Seek to divide us and spread fear.
The symbols of Confederates, Neo-Nazis;
The names of false idols stand tall.

We used to be a country of proud immigrants.
Seeking a better way of life,
a refuge from political strife,
An escape from poverty and violence.
Now we find that injustice is woven into our history
As surely as the fibers of our flag.
The tired and poor and huddled masses still exist.
But who is standing with them
offering a helping hand
Like the hand that helped our ancestors?

We used to seek common ground.
We could debate our differences
and then shake hands with those across the aisle.
Now we engage in vitriol and spew hate.
We forget that words matter.
That lies and alternative facts distract us
from the work to be done.
We used to be people of faith—
Christian and Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist.
Respecting our differences,
Seeking peace and justice for all.
Now, we use religion as a weapon.
Claim that God has named our leaders.
Twist the words of the Bible
to suit our own agenda.
How can we even pretend that we stand for all that is good and right?

I weep tears at all we have lost.
And yet,
the truth is we weren’t so perfect before.
We have whitewashed our history with nostalgia.
The truth is all lives haven’t mattered.
The injustices we have wrought upon our people
Must be answered for.
There is work to be done.
Our rose colored glasses have lied.

So now we must look forward not back.
We must discover who the “other” is,
We must call them people, humans,
Children of God.
The truth is that we are all broken sinners.

I implore of us all—
It’s time,
Time to drop the labels,
Lower the hate-filled flags,
Embrace people of all colors, creeds, and nations,
Listen with a truly open heart.
Pray, repent and seek forgiveness.
Be humble in all that we do.

This is how we become Americans once more.
Each of us must pick up a shovel and get to work.
We must all help to fill the chasm
that stretches between and before us.
It’s time to drop the rose colored glasses.
Because, the truth is
those glasses have lied and led us astray.
It’s time for a brave, new America.
May it be so.

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